Tools of Our Trade

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One of the great intangibles that adds value to a project and also adds an element of artistry to our trade is the quality of our tools and how well we use them. Over the coming months we will be highlighting some of the specialized tools that BK Welding owns that add quality and precision to our work. Owning these machines also allows us to save time and money on your job by not having down time or high rental fees associated with scheduling and delivering heavy equipment to a job-site.
While we try to build as much as we can at our factory, final assembly at the job site can have its own unique set of challenges.  We'll talk more about the state of the art equipment in our our welding and fabrication plant in other posts.  Our tools that we send to the jobsites include our mobile welding rigs like this heavy duty pickup truck chassis equipped with two Lincoln Electric 250GXT Ranger welders.  We also have other models similarly equipped some on Super Duty Ford chassis.  
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Our Manitex boom crane outfitted on a Ford L8000 is another versatile tool in our arsenal.  It's big enough to handle a lot of work, yet smaller than our Link Belt crane.  Based on the unique needs of the construction project, we can decide to have equipment like this working together on one site or on separate jobs.  Our skilled crane operators as pictured in the photo gallery demonstrate their fine touch and an artistry all it's own.